RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR by G. Jay Kerns and G. Andy Chang, Youngstown State University

What's New In the RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR Package

This document collects new features that are planned for the development version of RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR


  • 0.1-3:
    • Features
      1. Plots of quantile functions
      2. Optimize simulations routines
      3. Implement distr, distrEx, packages
      4. More data
  • 0.1-2
    • Features
      1. Updated to Rcmdr 1.2-6
      2. Added suggested packages distr, distrEx
      3. Updated and completed BloodPressure data
    • Bugs
      1. Influence plot bug fixed
  • 0.1-1:
    • Features
      1. Pareto diagrams have option rainbow / nocolor
      2. Pareto diagrams print statistics in window
      3. Simulate... menu fields now labeled to distinguish from Sampling Dist...
      4. New additions to Bar Plot
        1. Variable(s) in Active Data Set...
          1. Plot Relative Frequencies option
          2. Rainbow color option
          3. Plot Ledgen option
          4. Plot by Groups
          5. Segmented bars or Side-by-side
        2. Enter table... with all above options
      5. New additions to Proportions menu:
        1. Test for equality of several proportions...
        2. Enter table for single sample...
        3. Enter table for independent samples...
      6. RcmdrTestDrive was updated
      7. Plot F distribution... has now ncp parameter for density function (in R-2.4.0)
    • Bugs
      1. gammasimNumber bug fixed
      2. Simulate discrete uniform variates bug fixed (concerning adding to Active data set).
      3. UpdatedisunifsimNumber bug fixed
      4. Sampling Distributions => Discrete Uniform was mislabeled Cauchy
      5. Loading required packages at startup bug fixed
      6. Empty fields bug in Probability menu fixed
  • 0.1-0: IPSUR is introduced. See FEATURES

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