RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR by G. Jay Kerns and G. Andy Chang, Youngstown State University

Quick Download and Installation Instructions

  1. Download the latest version of R: click the link below to download the latest version of R for your operating system from CRAN:

    • Windows Installation Tip for R: click the .exe program file to start installation. When it asks for "Customized startup options", specify Yes. In the next window, be sure to select the SDI (single-window) option.
  2. Install the RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR package: there are several methods to install RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR:

    • Install from CRAN: This method works well with Windows and MacOS X installations and ensures that you have the latest stable version of the package. To install directly from CRAN, launch R and type the following at the command prompt ">":

      install.packages("RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR", repos="http://cran.r-project.org", dep=TRUE)
    • Install from download: Downloads of the binary packages are available for Windows and MacOS X. The packages, along with specific instructions for installing them on various platforms are available on the downloads page.
    • Install from package source: This method of installation is recommended for all GNU-Linux operating systems and all other non-supported systems. To install the current released version of the source, type the following at the command prompt ">":

      install.packages("RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR", repos = "http://www.cran.r-project.org", type="source")

      (note: you must have the correct compilation tools installed)

      Instructions to install from a downloaded copy of the RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR source are available on the downloads page.

  3. Load the RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR package: Once RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR is downloaded and installed, it must be loaded into R. To do this type the following at the command prompt ">":

  4. Install the Dependencies: When Rcmdr loads it will ask you to download a bunch of additional packages. Once this procedure is finished, you will be almost ready to go. For more detailed instructions on installing and configuring R and RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR you should next consult the Installing R and IPSUR document.

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